Are Vietnamese people worrying for the US more than their own country?

Vietnamese people in the country are more interested in the US election than their own, that is a reality. Because the American election is attractive and unpredictable because President Trump has rekindled the Vietnamese hope of resisting the unreserved Chinese expansionism in the East Sea (South China Sea).

And also because of a painful and humiliating truth that the Vietnamese are trying to pretend to be drunk on the US election to find and forget, that the Vietnamese do not have the right to choose their own President.

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November 3 noon, a Ford Escape car appeared on Su Van Hanh Street, Ho Chi Minh City with flags and banners supporting President Donald Trump in the US election

The Vietnamese people have not been able to hold a true vote since the totalitarian regime was imposed on Vietnam. Although the right to vote is clearly stated in the constitution, the Vietnamese people have never used it in a real way.

Saying it like a blasphemy against the leaders for the country for the people … but honestly, it’s 100% true, you just meet a random citizen to ask if they have voted for Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong for the party’s Secretary General and the state President, when and where it happened.

Then did they run for election, gave presentations, debated like Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden or not?

It is said that Vietnamese live like a flock of sheep under the whip of the Party, every 5 years, we can see the banners, slogans everywhere “wisely choose talented people” and then “vote is rights and obligations of every citizen,” but all are ridiculous antics like hundreds of billions of trillions of monuments mocking the poor increasingly mushrooming after rain.

Do Vietnamese really worry about America more than their own country?” is the topic that Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chu poses and comments on his personal Facebook. He wrote:

Since a few months ago, millions of Vietnamese have devoted a lot of time and mind to the US presidential election. The closer the election day is, the more Vietnamese people are interested in the US presidential election. In the last three days, tens of millions of Vietnamese people have not slept or eaten because of the election of the US presidential election. And the loss of sleep and appetite of millions of Vietnamese people because of the US presidential election will last for many more days.

Not only lost food and sleep, but the presidential election also caused divisions in Vietnamese society. The division occurred not only in the US where the election took place but in Vietnam. The division is not only at the level of controversy, but also the level of canceling friends.

The divide will remain deep for at least another four years until the 2024 US presidential election.

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Lawyer Le Cong Dinh revealed specifically that he supports President Trump to avoid being attacked by the Trump madman

In Vietnam, there are many elections now. Day in and day out, province after province elections are taking place. Elections took place despite severe storms, historic floods flooding the roof, despite terrible landslides that claimed many lives. These are not union elections. That is the election to choose the head of a province – determining the wealth of millions of residents in the province. Also coming is the election-related to the destiny of all 100 million Vietnamese people.

But why are Vietnamese people so little interested in their own elections? Are the Vietnamese more worried about the US than the Vietnamese?

These are the questions that all of us need to find answers to. Especially in leadership positions – from the commune to the central level, the more they have to answer.

– Is it because in Vietnam the winner has 100% of the votes?

– Is it because in Vietnam people win because there is only one candidate?

– Is it because in Vietnam the winner is determined before the election takes place?

– Is it because in Vietnam voting is just a legalization procedure for a previous decision?

– Is that because, in Vietnam, elections do not involve the majority of tens of millions of voters?

– Is it because, in Vietnam, the winners of the election have not brought about great beneficial changes for the majority of the population?

People can extend to similar questions. That is the best way to answer why Vietnamese people are not as interested in the election in Vietnam as they are interested in the US presidential election.

But everything has a reason. Vietnamese people are also interested in the US presidential election because of Vietnam.

Who becomes the president of the US is the right of American voters. But whoever becomes President of the US and is more beneficial to the Vietnamese people, the Vietnamese people support him more.

But the Vietnamese people are not eating and sleeping because of the US presidential election, there is another reason. That is the dream. Waiting for one day in Vietnam has an election but the entire population is not eating and sleeping,” Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chu stated his opinion.

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On the right side is Mr. Bui Van Cuong who has been accused of plagiarism thesis up to 70% but is still re-elected as secretary of Dak Lak province with 100% of the votes in the election. he

An article with a somewhat strange title A nation of starvation, by Dr. Vo Xuan Son, aims to express the Vietnamese people’s hunger and thirst for the right to vote when looking at America.

Have you ever sat down to eat but had a crowd watching you eat and craving, even someone smacking or rubbing their mouth?

For decades, I have not seen that scene again. Or maybe it still happened but I did not recognize it, because I was too indifferent to the world around me. A few Vietnamese people are lacking food. Even families isolated by storms and floods have been supplied with food by the fairies and philanthropists.

But today, November 4, I see that scene, all day long. I noticed, not just a bunch of people, but almost a whole nation, starving, and jubilant, gnawing at people, complaining.

I see the Vietnamese people excited about the election as far as in the US. That’s right, the freedom to vote, the freedom to comment, and the freedom of expression are what these people are starving for. And the American people are full.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là 2020-11-08_114310-1024x576.jpg
The party and state leaders voted for the 12th Central Committee of the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam

Lust for the right to choose the leader of your country for yourself, the desire to comment freely about who will and is leading your country, the wish for a leader who dares to confront the Red China, has turned tens of millions of Vietnamese into goblins who stare at people’s mouths, while they are enjoying their free and democratic party.

What a pitty for a people who are starving and thirsty,” Dr. Vo Xuan Son expressed emotion.

Journalist Truong Chau Huu Danh said immediately that he was 40 years old and had not yet voted. He wrote:

I am nearly 40 years old, but honestly I have never been to the polls. Many of my friends also didn’t vote because they didn’t believe the results.

In fact, the list is for the people to vote, everyone is ‘talented and talented’ alike. No matter who goes up or down, they will be champions forever, 100%. All members of the election are 100% in the election, as well as the excellent rate of students 100%, even though there are children in grade 2 who are illiterate, just like the whole country is a cultural town, but opening the door is dog shit.

Our people care about the US election, as well as the way they love/hate Trump, they are bored with the false 100% rate so their love is all over America – no matter whoever goes up, he is for America. What mind my country!

Go to bed. Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump as President, America is still great.

Like our country, everyone who rises will win the championship for years,” journalist Truong Chau Huu Danh confided.

Lawyer Pham Cong Ut also told on Facebook that he has never voted even though he is now 60 years old.

I have never talked about politics. But now on the occasion of the presidential election in the US, I have my little comparison after 60 years of life,” he wrote.

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Vietnamese Americans in Little Saigon support Mr. Trump

It has been 45 years since April 30, 1975, I have never held a voter card to vote for the authorities at all levels. Maybe I have absolute confidence in the leadership of the party to vote or not is just a useless form of voting to do anything to waste time. Because the party has chosen who is almost by default, no need for people’s votes to pay attention. For all the cases, the designed person will pass.

Maybe that’s why even if I don’t vote, my locality usually gets 98.98% of voters or more. After asking, how many people go to vote where such a huge number of voters reached?

Wards and communes come to their homes at the end of the time to urge to vote, the whole family gives a dozen voter cards to one person so that person wants to vote whoever wants to vote. Because I believe that the party has arranged the whole thing.

There are some families and everyone is busy, wards and communes authorities gather all the electoral cards of the whole family to … vote instead. Well, whatever they do. Because the party chose, who would argue?

Only their insiders could fight fiercely because they won seats, but I have never seen a criminal case of election fraud broke out, even though there are internal fights between candidates or fractions.

Of course, outsiders should not dream of running for themselves for a certain government seat. They have to be a communist members, lawyer Pham Cong Ut confided. (Translated)

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