Survey: Vietnam’s labor shows strong signs of recovery

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Companies providing human resource solutions all expressed optimism about the labor situation in Vietnam. On April 14, the job recruitment service company Michael Page Vietnam announced a report on Human Resource Trends in 2021, saying that Vietnam’s labor market is showing signs of strong recovery. Adecco Vietnam, one of the top 500 corporations in the world according to the ranking of Fortune magazine and the world leader in human resource services, also has a similar assessment.

Media Outreach quoted Mr. Mark Donnelly, Director of Michael Page Vietnam, said:

In general, Vietnam has been quite successful in its efforts to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, compared with neighboring countries in the region. The Vietnamese government’s strict and rapid control over the spread of Covid-19 has kept the number of infections and deaths much lower than in neighboring countries. Vietnam’s economy is also healthy in 2020. While Vietnam-based multinationals are cautious in recruitment, domestic firms have seized opportunities to recruit the most capable candidates.”

Director Michael Page Vietnam says recruitment is strongest in the industrial/manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as in the technology sector.

In the coming time, he thinks that Vietnam is in a favorable position to recover in the post-Covid-19 period, especially when business and tourism activities return, the Vietnamese economy will recover quickly, creating favorable conditions for job seekers, especially in the fields of manufacturing, financial services, start-ups, and real estate.”

According to the survey results, 58% of people who already have a job plan to seek new opportunities in 2021 while 34% passively wait for a new job opportunity. As many as 45% of respondents said that they will research carefully before applying for a job. This shows that employment activity in Vietnam is on the rise among experienced candidates – those who feel confident because they are accustomed to accessing a wide range of information sources.

General Director of Adecco Vietnam, Mr. Andree Mangels, said that with the economic recovery and global digitalization trends, Vietnam’s labor market in 2021 will open up opportunities for skilled workers.

Director Michael Page Vietnam encourages businesses to focus on training and developing personnel, to retain the most capable employees in the context of competition with many other companies. (Translated)


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